CallBurner Update


New CallBurner Update ( Available
We’ve improved CallBurner and we recommend you update your copy now.

On November 6th 2013, Skype announced that the Skype API will be supported beyond December 2013 for recording apps like CallBurner – Skype’s official statement.  This version uses the Skype API.  You can ignore messages in the Skype client about CallBurner stopping working come December 2013.

Click here to download

You can see the improvements in this release, as well as the improvements made in prior versions by clicking here. (You can also download prior versions from this page).

(Note: We recommend all users update. If you previously purchased CallBurner, this update is free and will continue to operate with your existing serial number. If you haven’t purchased CallBurner, but are in the middle of your free 30 day trial, your trial period will not be affected by the update.).

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