How to record Skype calls to MP3


Here is how you can record phone calls or PC-to-PC calls on your PC.

1. Follow these instructions to set up Skype if you don’t already use it.

2. If you only need to record PC-to-PC calls, skip this step. If you want to record calls made from your PC to standard phone lines you will need to purchase Skype Credit. You can purchase Skype Credit here if you do not already have some. If you want to record phone calls made from standard phone lines, you will need a SkypeIn number. You can purchase a SkypeIn number here if you do not already have one.

3. If you don’t already have CallBurner, download and install it from here.

4. After installing, you will see the CallBurner application:


5. Go to Skype and start a phone call or PC-to-PC call. (NOTE: Recording also works for incoming calls, conference calls and SkypeCasts).

6. Recording will start automatically:

CallBurner Recording

7. Hang up the call.

8. Click the “Play” button to hear the recording.

CallBurner Recording

9. Previous recordings can be viewed and played back from the “Previous Calls” tab:

CallBurner Recording

10. The recording (an MP3 file by default) is stored in your “My Documents\CallBurner\Conversations” folder.

If you have problems, refer to the troubleshooting tips here.